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Shopping in Pune can be quite an experience! There is nothing you won't or cannot find here…you just have to have the eye for it! Pune with its blend of Indian and Western cultures is a paradise for all shoppers catering to each and every individual.

Though one thing that you need to remember is the snooze time between 1.00 and 4.00 p.m., where the shopkeepers need their afternoon siesta!

Laxmi Road is a favorite as this is a place where you can get everything ranging from the best of jewellery to the fanciest of sarees.What's more, the shops are open all days a week except on a Monday when the shopkeepers prefer to take the day off. Bursting at its seams on a crowded evening, you need to be able to develop a skill to move across the narrow bylanes and yes, muscles as well!

M.G.Road, popularly known as Camp serves not only as a shoppers haven but also as a perfect place to window shop!And what's more Pre-Diwali sales are quite a steal!

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Apart from these areas, Dhole Patil road, Koregaon Park and Fergusson College roads have boutiques and shopping plazas well equipped to offer a fulfilling shopping experience.

From branded goods to the traditional handicrafts or just some knick-knacks to dress up your home, you can find them all but remember their weekly off on Sundays! Not to miss the chor bazaar, which is a haven for cheap stuff which you will never be able to find elsewhere or Pune's famed fashion street and Honkong lane, where a visit to browse for little trinkets which won't last more than a wear is an interesting shopping experience by itself! So go ahead and let your purse strings loose!