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Sohrab Hall,
Near Jehangir Nursing Home,
RBM Road,
Pune - 410001 
Tel.:  2601603/04

Housed in the vast spacious environs of the Sohrab Hall, Crossword is the largest bookshop housing not just the widest range of magazines that beg you to pick them up, but stationery, a wide collection of toys, CD-ROMs along with a huge range of books sorted for your convenience!

What adds to the ambience of the store are the little tables with chairs placed for your reading pleasure along with listerns to get a preview of the book even before you finally own it! Besides, there is a listening booth for all those who like to sample their music before buying it!

The little cappuccino counter and the cafeteria with goodies from Hot Breads help assuage those hunger pangs even as you search for the right book! Free book deliveries on confirmed orders, be it a magazine or even the heavyweight coffee table books are also done for your reading pleasure. Also the recommendations by the owner of Crosswords-Mr. Sriram are displayed which can help you make up your mind! So whacyha waiting for?