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The Gazelle has its branches in :
‘Mayfair' A, 4 Dhole Patil Rd.,
Pune- 411 001
Tel.: 26120526, 26128307
Sunday Closed

Dr. Bahndarkar Institute Rd.,
Pune 411 004
Tel.: 25650788
Wednesday Closed

Gera Harmony, Kalyani Nagar,
Pune- 411 006
Tel.: 26689092
Tuesday Closed

The Look:
The interiors are slick and contemporary. Stylishly and sparingly done, this salon won't make you feel all crammed up.
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The little cabins well equipped with recliner chairs offer complete privacy for waxing, massages, facials and the likes! The contemporary mirrors are the highlights of the salon, only adding to the five star like ambience! The gymnasium is huge and the walls are paneled with full-length mirrors. Equipped with the best music system, Aerobics is sure to be fun!

The People:
‘The Gazelle' was the baby of Mrs Damania. Started since 1982, it is one of the best salons in Pune. A haircut from Anhaita would cost but is well worth it.
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However make sure you have a prior appointment, as she happens to be busy all the time! Fazila and Fariste are proficient with the scissors as well!

The Offer:
The Beauty Parlours at Dhole Patil road and Bhandarkar road cater only to the needs of women. Their parlour at Kalyani Nagar however caters to men and women. They are open from 9 am to 6 pm.

‘The Gazelle' is not just famous for its salon but is also well known for its Health Spa and its Training Center.
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The Spas are equipped with the best quality workout equipments while the Aerobics halls are spacious and have wooden flooring. Lockers are available for the one's who don't mind paying an extra bit. With the best music systems, one can dancersize their way to health! Open from 6 am to 9 pm, choose your own time! Remember though that there is no spa at Kalyani Nagar.

Their Training Academy trains for beauticians as well as gym instructors. What gives them a cutting edge over the other institutes is their scientifically based training. Personal attention is given to the students, till they perfect the art. Apart from the regular course material, their training emphasizes on personal hygiene.

Complete in itself, The Gazelle is worth a try!